Fitness update – My 6 week plan to lose weight

Realisation Anyone else fall in and out of love with the gym? Because same! I know I'm two months two early for a " New year new me" but this past weekend I really had to give myself a reality check. So I've noticed over the past few weeks that a few of my garments … Continue reading Fitness update – My 6 week plan to lose weight

Beauty advent calendars you need to purchase this year

  Yes ladies it's that time of year again where we are faced with possibly one of the hardest decisions ever, "Which beauty advent Calender do I choose" with such a wide array of different ones on the market. We are practically spoilt for choice, the thought of waking up to a surprise gift every day … Continue reading Beauty advent calendars you need to purchase this year

H&M x Moschino Collaboration

The collaboration we have all been waiting for has finally hit the shops and lets just say it does not disappoint. This collection is not for the fainthearted, statement pieces consist of; Bold prints, bright colours, Disney and a lot of gold. But will have you feeling like the ultimate fashionista, H&M have previously collaborated with … Continue reading H&M x Moschino Collaboration

Stylish Gym-sets that will make you want to hit the gym asap.

"I am getting back on it for real now!!" This is what I say to myself every Sunday evening after I have spent the whole weekend indulging in "Bad food". Who else is guilty of this raise your hand?! But all jokes a side I am seriously going to get back on it  as, I literally … Continue reading Stylish Gym-sets that will make you want to hit the gym asap.

My Barcelona Bae-cation

  Barcelona, Barca, BCN - Oh how I love this beautiful vibrant city. This was actually my second time travelling there, the  first time with my bestie and this time with my Love.  It all came about when we realised all the couples around us were going on “Bae-cations” and we were in desperate need … Continue reading My Barcelona Bae-cation

My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is in exactly 77 days! 77 days!!!! I can't believe how quick my favourite holiday has come back around again. Honestly I love everything about Christmas from; choosing decorations for the tree, buying gifts for loved ones and how can I forget visiting the German market and Winter wonderland.  Christmas last year wasn't one … Continue reading My Christmas Wishlist

Primark Haul

I am now in the process of updating my wardrobe and ready to start fully transitioning into winter mode. I have come to the realisation that I can no longer get away with leaving the house without a jacket, or going bare legged to work *sigh*. Having said this there is a positive, I am … Continue reading Primark Haul

Marbella Trip

After years of watching the only way is Essex gang on their annual Marbella trips, Marbs has remained on my holiday bucket list for a while.  Since watching the show and seeing a host of socialites post on Instagram each summer, I have obsessed about visiting this beautiful destination. So you can imagine how ecstatic … Continue reading Marbella Trip

Lookbook – Datenight Edition

I once heard a woman say " The best part about dating is getting dressed up for your man". Some will agree some won't  but I for one somewhat agree with her bold statement, I have been with my partner for nearly a year now and we are in the what some people would call the … Continue reading Lookbook – Datenight Edition

TK Maxx beauty haul

Makeup is my first love, actually maybe fourth if you include my family, friends and Boyfriend. So I have no issues when it comes to spending money on it, how ever I still live for a bargain. Tk Maxx is one of my favourite stores to buy exquisite one-off items for my home ( Your … Continue reading TK Maxx beauty haul